Children's World
Children's World

 Working together, we make your child stronger!

Children's World stands for educational specialists, wholehearted commitment and comprehensive child care. Increasing demands are being made on child care facilities, since all parents want the very best for their children, right from their very first learning experiences our children need to play, move, get enough exercise and discover their own bodies.


We have a good understanding of children's lives and their social contexts, basing our teaching around them. Supporting and encouraging personality development, autonomy and creativity are top priorities for us. Developing social interaction and understanding differences in others also plays an important role in our work. 


Our aim is to support each child through his or her own development.


We also support you, the parent, in bringing up your child.


Vision, Mission, Values & Beliefs


Our Vision

To create a highly established, inclusive early years setting where all children are given the best possible start in life, being central to everything we do.


Our Mission

To provide a happy, secure, stimulating environment in partnership with parents, which will support and challenge the children in their exploration of the world around them, believing every child is unique, encouraging individuality and choice. Through play and interactions with friendly and knowledgeable adults, acting as positive role models, the children can learn developing their skills and understanding without fear of failing, achieving their full potential.


We Believe and Value 

Play: as an integral part of early learning, developing the whole child physically, emotionally, socially, creatively, spiritually and intellectually, creating positive dispositions.


Partnerships: with families, staff, community (Children’s centre, local schools) and outside agencies which include Speech and language Therapists, Health Visitors, Behavioural Specialists and Inclusion Development Worker to name a few. When we work in partnership the results have a positive impact on the child’s learning and development.


Parents: as the child’s first, and permanent educators. We value their knowledge, following their routines and celebrating their culture from their home learning environment.


Emotional Well-being: believing children and families need to feel secure in their relationships, having the opportunities to make secure attachments through the key person approach enabling children to feel valued as individuals, safe and cared for whilst building trusting relationships and supporting the home learning environment.


Personal Histories: recognising everybody has their own journey to share, from which we can learn and build upon.


Inclusivity: acknowledging that all children and families have a right to access our setting regardless of ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties, disabilities or gender, being welcomed as equal partners.


The Environment: as a vital nurturing learning tool, which is created in response to children’s individual needs and interests providing a happy, safe, secure and stimulating place where children will flourish.


The Importance of the Early Years: knowing children develop quickly, especially their brains as ‘wiring’ continues. The Early Years builds foundations for future life chances and achievement.


The Early Years Foundation Stage Documents: using these to shape our practice ensuring the statutory requirements along with the four themes, A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments and Learning and Development, are embedded in practice and underpin everything we do.


Knowledgeable practitioners: who ensure they offer quality learning and development experiences by acknowledging every child is different, unique. The child is placed at the centre and the practitioners observe, assess and plan, extending and building upon learning, allowing the child to flourish. The practitioners use daily quality interactions, extending language through learnt techniques, encouraging the children in their own thinking. Practitioners are knowledgeable in child development and supported in their continuous professional development.


We hope that you can sense, feel, hear and witness these beliefs and values in all the interactions that we have with your family and child.